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Commercial Floor Preperations

Get Prepared!

A vital part in completing any flooring project is ensuring the chosen floor covering type is professionally covered in one of the various floor overlays or finishes available. Applying a coat of waterproofing, polish or antibacterial topping ensures the longevity of all commercial flooring. However, without preparing the floor appropriately, these coatings will not be 100% effective. 

It is extremely important that prior to any floor topping, the flooring is professionally cleaned of all contamination and debris thatcould obstruct the coating process. At Floors-2-Go we take the time to ensure even the unseen debris is clear before applying all floor toppings. This procedure can be applied to any floor covering type in a wide range of environments, whether it is a tiled bathroom, vinyl plank office or a polished concrete work space. Speak to one of the friendly team members at Floors-2-Go and be sure your flooring will last a lifetime.

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