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Having a clean, safe and secure work space is detrimental to the focus and ability of staff members no matter what industry you are in. At Floors 2 Go, we offer comprehensive commercial flooring services in which we will assess your office or work space and offer a no-fuss quote that covers all bases. We value and appreciate how busy your work space may be, so we strive to finish commercial projects in a timely manner. Our specialist team are highly experienced, having completed numerous commercial flooring fitments throughout all of South Australia, so you can be sure that your job will be finished to perfection.

We offer a large selection of products in our huge warehouse so we are sure you will find the perfect fit for your office. Whether its a natural wood style vinyl, carpet tiles or even a polished concrete option, we can provide and fit it all! Please call us for a quote today and rest assured that your work environment will be clean, safe and secure for years to come!


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Commercial Vinyl

The options for vinyl flooring in commercial spaces are almost endless with the range of choices you have at Floors 2 Go. A perfect option for any office space, vinyl flooring is easy to install and comes with a multitude of style and performance options. Transform your office space into a high class modern work space with a facility that will look brand new.

The vinyl planks/tiles we use are used all over the world in work spaces due to the features packed inside of them to create a durable floor type. They are environmentally friendly, require extremely low maintenance and have a soft feel under the foot. This makes them ideal for walking on all day. Compared to other flooring options like concrete, vinyl absorbs much more sound and will provide added warmth. Due to the plank fitting, we are able to create unique, sleek designs upon request. We know you will be more than pleased with a finished flooring installation completed by us at Floors 2 Go. 

Commercial Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the most common option for modern day commercial bathrooms, toilet blocks and kitchens, although they can be fitted in almost any scenario. This is due to the sleek aesthetics, ease of cleaning and simple installation. We carry tiles in all shapes and sizes that can be fitted in an array of spaces in which you require them. At Floors 2 Go we can cater to all your commercial tile needs, including custom designs, wall tiles and applying antibacterial sanitary toppings.

We also have a large range of carpet tiles which are perfect for office spaces. Carpet tiles provide the most warmth and comfort of any floor covering option, making them ideal for medium-large office environments. If your office currently promotes positive workplace mobility, carpet is the perfect choice. At Floors 2 Go we offer a range of insulation types as well as carpet thicknesses, thinner being easier to clean and thicker providing more warmth. We’ve fitted numerous spaces around Adelaide and South Australia, including the Women’s and Children’s Hospital School revamp (watch the video in our ‘Community Project’ tab). No job is too big or too small for our team, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and see how we can transform your workspace. 

Commercial Floor Preparations

A vital part in completing any flooring project is ensuring the chosen floor covering type is professionally covered in one of the various floor overlays or finishes available. Applying a coat of waterproofing, polish or antibacterial topping ensures the longevity of all commercial flooring. However, without preparing the floor appropriately, these coatings will not be 100% effective. 

It is extremely important that prior to any floor topping, the flooring is professionally cleaned of all contamination and debris that could obstruct the coating process. At Floors 2 Go we take the time to ensure even the unseen debris is clear before applying all floor toppings. This procedure can be applied to any floor covering type in a wide range of environments, whether it is a tiled bathroom, vinyl plank office or a polished concrete work space. Speak to one of the friendly team members at Floors 2 Go and be sure your flooring will last a lifetime.

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